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Indigenous dispute resolution in the North America Sub-continent.


CANADA - Indigenous Studies Portal (iPortal) of the University of SaskatchewanThe Indigenous Studies Portal (iPortal) of the University of Saskatchewan (Canada) contains valuable information on indigenous dispute resolution in Canada and elsewhere in North America.

It is not about the iPortal being “news”, but about letting those of you that may not be familiar with this resource know about its existence and general availability, because we believe it might interest just about any ADR professional, no matter his/her specialty.

On the one hand, the iPortal offers commentary on essays published in several specialized journals:


These essays allow readers to understand original dispute resolution in tribes throughout North America, as well as the impact of modern justice systems on age-old tribal dispute resolution approaches.

The iPortal also contains a section on books on indigenous dispute resolution:


Additionally, there is an ebook section where visitors may download ebooks directly onto their PC’s:


In the end, the iPortal is a very nice and useful resource we thought you might want to know about if you did not already know of it.